The 5 Best Moments of 2022

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Flux has had a memorable 2022, with several key moments and achievements that have propelled our community forward. From the launch of our First Party Oracle (FPO) to the expansion to multiple networks, Flux has made significant strides in the industry. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the five best moments of Flux in 2022.

1. Launch of Flux’s First Party Oracle (FPO)

Flux made a major move in the industry with the launch of its First Party Oracle (FPO) earlier this year. The FPO was a unique offering that allowed Flux to capture new markets with Aurora and differentiate itself from other oracle solutions. The FPO was a major success, securing over $3.5 billion in total value at its peak and helping Flux establish itself as a leader in the industry.

2. Expansion to Multiple Networks

Flux made the decision to expand its reach by joining multiple networks in 2022, including NEAR, Aurora, and Evmos. This allowed Flux to offer its services to a wider audience and reach a diverse set of users. Flux’s expansion to multiple networks was a key moment in the oracle network’s growth, as it helped us broaden our customer base and increase our visibility in the industry.

3. New Partnerships with Established Protocols and Data Providers

Flux made a series of partnerships with established protocols and data providers in 2022. These partnerships allowed Flux to tap into new sources of data and offer even more value to our customers.

4. Design and Build of Flux v2

Despite the challenges of the bear market, Flux remained focused on the future and began designing and building Flux v2 this year. This was a major milestone for us as it allowed Flux to stay ahead of the curve and position ourselves for future growth. A lot more to come on this, but we’re excited to continue working to make data free-flowing, decentralized, and accessible to all.

5. Team Growth and Collaboration

Flux experienced significant growth in terms of our team size and organization in 2022. Our Flux family grew from six to 15 team members and we made a concerted effort to build and collaborate together through offsites and conferences. The team’s strong morale and commitment helped Flux navigate through one of the toughest years in the crypto industry, despite being fully remote.

Overall, it has been a successful and memorable year for Flux, with many achievements and milestones that have set the stage for even more growth. The company’s focus on the future, as demonstrated by the design and build of Flux v2, and the growth and collaboration of our team, has helped Flux navigate through a challenging year and position us for great success. We’re also excited to announce that we’re working on something new that we can’t wait to share with the community soon, stay tuned for that!

About SEDA

SEDA is a multichain, permissionless protocol connecting real world data to any network on-chain.

SEDA is backed by world-class investors such as Distributed Global, Coinbase Ventures, Reciprocal Ventures, Coinfund, Maven 11, Flow Ventures, among others.

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SEDA is a multichain, permissionless protocol connecting real world data to any network on-chain.

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SEDA is a multichain, permissionless protocol connecting real world data to any network on-chain.