SEDA Contracts Pass Audit For Token Upgrade

2 min readApr 5, 2024

Trail of Bits Audit Of SEDA Returns Zero Critical Issues Ahead Of The Genesis Event

SEDA’s Token Upgrade and Genesis Block Event are due to go live towards the end of the month. In preparation for the community to upgrade tokens, SEDA is pleased to announce that leading auditing firm Trail of Bits has returned a successful audit report of their token & vesting contracts. This audit represents completing the final steps before announcing the long-awaited FLX to SEDA token upgrade date.

SEDA The Modular Data Layer Receives Succesful Audit From Trail Of Bits

SEDA Audit Report Finds Zero Critical Issues

The public-viewable SEDA Chain audit report by Trail of Bits returned zero significant concerns. The issues flagged in the report were considered ‘small’ or informational risks and have now been amended by the SEDA engineering team. The audit was conducted in two parts. The SEDA custom code, not associated with the COSM SDK, was battle-tested and reviewed before the token upgrade and associated vesting contracts were reviewed.

Trail Of Bits Auditing Firm

Since its inception in 2012, Trail of Bits has secured some of the world’s most targeted organizations and devices. By combining high-end security research with a real-world attacker mentality, Trail of Bits remains an industry leader in reducing risks and fortifying code sets.

Trail of Bits supports many clients, including Facebook and DARPA, by providing critical security tools and expertise in reverse engineering, cryptography, and software vulnerabilities.

Next Stop SEDA Genesis Event

Jasper De Gooijer, SEDA’s CTO and co-founder, expressed his excitement about this latest milestone: “Code quality and security are top priorities for the SEDA team, and we are proud of the audit’s outcome. Now, back to shipping.”

With the audit report completed, SEDA will continue to push the final changes to the token upgrade UI/UX before announcing an official upgrade and Genesis date. To stay updated with the latest news and ensure you interact with official links, join our website’s SEDA community channels.


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