SEDA Announces Launch of Universal Data Network to Streamline Web3 Development

3 min readJul 24, 2023

SEDA is building the foundation of real-world data in Web3 with a data layer that seamlessly connects ecosystems and cuts down building time for new decentralized protocols and blockchain networks.

SEDA, the foundation of real-world data on Web3, announced plans to launch the first universal data network. This network will create a permissionless foundation that all blockchain ecosystems can use to build a more seamless, integrated infrastructure for this next iteration of the internet.

“Our aim is to build the backbone of the new internet, essentially the HTTP for Web3. SEDA is revolutionizing real-world data access and leading the way to a fully trustless Web3 future. Unlike existing data bridges that rely on centralized infrastructure, we envision an internet where user data flows freely, transparently, and without the control of a single entity,” says Jasper De Gooijer, Co-founder of SEDA.

Currently, Web3 is made up of separate blockchains that use different languages. Developers who want to build a new protocol have to choose a specific blockchain and are limited to the smart contract language it uses. If they want to use another chain they have to rely on a third-party bridge. Similarly, when accessing real-world data, developers have to rely on the oracles integrated with the specific chain they are building on, further restricting them.

Once the protocol or dApp is up and running, moving outside of the closed ecosystem can be difficult. Whether it’s developers, smart contract applications, or end users, entities interacting with the protocol need to use risky bridges and centralized oracles to connect outside of this closed loop, which can limit their options and reduce the value of decentralized networks.

SEDA’s universal data network is being developed to address these issues. It’s a base layer built using Cosmos SDK, with permissionlessness built into its design. This means anyone can access this network of data across Layer 1 ecosystems and roll-ups while relying on the same oracle infrastructure for any network. This could drastically reduce build and integration time.

SEDA’s data network will support leading EVM-based networks and offer compatibility with Solana, NEAR, SEI, BEAM, and more.

SEDA aims to become the most widely used data layer solution in the crypto landscape. Users should be able to access multiple chains easily with the assurance that the same data will be available on any network while maintaining the same high level of security.

SEDA’s private testnet is currently live with the mainnet launch aimed for early next year.

About SEDA

SEDA is the foundation of real-world data on web3. It provides a robust connection that enables seamless connectivity and harmony among diverse blockchain networks. With SEDA, experience the future of blockchain communication, where data interoperability is elevated to a new standard, ensuring efficient connectivity and enhanced collaboration.

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SEDA is a modular data layer that allows any blockchain to configure & interact with custom data feeds for price data, RPC data, or any available API endpoint.