RWAs To Onboard New Levels Of Value To Web3

3 min readFeb 26, 2024

X Spaces Episode #2 Recap Blog Featuring Plume Network, Polytrade Finance And SEDA

The latest SEDA-led mini-series episode featured two of the biggest real-world asset (RWA) players, Plume Network And Polytrade Finance. Throughout the episode, Chris Yin, CEO of Plume, Piyush Gupta, CEO of Polytrade, and SEDA co-founder Peter Mitchell discussed what constitutes an RWA, why they are important, and how all three projects stand to facilitate the onboarding of millions of new users to Web3.

SEDA The Modular Data Layer Leads RWAs with Plume and Polytrade

What Constitutes An RWA?

Chris of Plume Network kicked off the segment, sharing his take that RWAs are anything that touches the real world. Chris mentioned that RWAs are not necessarily an asset that has been tokenized but can be anything that a financial position could be taken out against on-chain.

Polytrade Finance CEO Piyush echoed Chris’s comments, adding that RWAs are “anything that derives value off-chain,” such as gaming assets that derive value digitally in the game, but the value accrues off-chain.

Examples used throughout the conversation included whiskey, pokemon cards, shoes, and even steak.

SEDA Is Set To Transfer Critical RWA Data To Web3

SEDA CEO Peter Mitchell followed up from both Plume and Polytrade, highlighting that SEDA is the modular building block allowing trustless data feeds to be easily and permissionlessly accessed by RWA projects. Adding to this, Peter mentioned that SEDA would allow whiskey data providers, among others, to expand their API suite in SEDA’s backend as new products become available, mitigating the need for individual and often delayed separate data feed deployments for each product type.

RWAs Will Onboard Millions Of New Users To Web3

RWAs represent a new asset class and appeal to new investors. Plume CEO Chris Yin highlighted that off-chain users stand to come into crypto via RWAs because, as an asset, they are much more “accessible, relatable, and familiar to users.” Chris highlighted that enterprises were showing the most interest, but he believed that RWAs could expect an extreme uptick in traction from the retail sector.

Piyush highlighted an interesting point in the conversation, sharing that their data indicated a growing interest in RWAs from the emerging world. Regions, including Turkey, LATAM, and Africa, see “life-saving” potential in RWAs as a point of access to US dollar-backed asset classes. Using RWAs as a medium, users in these regions can offset the lost value through weakened national currencies and extract value from non-monetized assets, such as Pokemon cards or collectible shoes.

Plume And Polytrade Partnership Enhancing The RWA Stack

Plume and Polytrade recently announced their partnership, which aims to continue simplifying onboarding for new RWA clients. As a first step, RWA asset owners or businesses can onboard to Web3 via the Plume network’s automated tooling designed for KYC and other essential first steps. Upon onboarding, RWAs can be easily listed on the Polytrade Finance marketplace, where a wave of emerging markets are poised to begin their RWA trading experience.

SEDAs Modular Design Fuels Infinite RWA Tech Stack Designs

While Plume and Polytrade stand on the user experience side to RWAs, SEDA is building to be a silent necessity facilitating the whole experience. Projects like Polytrade and Plume can add the SEDA network as a modular block to their tech stacks built using critical modular design elements. RWA projects can access same-day data querying from any source through seamless and chain-agnostic integrations. To understand where SEDA fits into the RWA picture, check out the latest tweets by both Plume and SEDA highlighting the ecosystem map.

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