Modularity, RWAs, AI, Data And Gaming | A SEDA Spaces Mini-Series

4 min readFeb 13, 2024

Join us for an actioned packed X spaces series

SEDA is pairing up with industry-defining projects Celestia, Flow, Subsquid, Amberdata, Plume, Polytrade, NEAR and special guest Andy from The Roll Up Company to break down explosive Web3 trends.

It is no secret that the Web3 landscape evolves much faster than other traditional industries. One week without diving into the latest trends can leave one feeling behind on recent narratives. Led by the town hall for crypto, X conversations fuel the latest web3 narratives while birthing new buzzwords daily. Modularity, Chain-Abstraction, and Data Highways are examples of emerging narratives you may have missed.

Starting on February 13th, the series will include professional recaps by leading crypto and DeFi intel platform Revelo. Known for their in-depth breakdowns, Revelo provides non-biased reports to over 6500 DeFi enthusiasts. SEDA and partners will share the recap reports written by Revelo Intel across Social Media for those who can't attend the spaces.

SEDA Hosted X Mini-Series | A Break-Down

This educational mini-series will cover eight episodes of critical topics touching on leading Web3 use cases, including RWAs, AI, mainstream adoption, and OEV. While also simplifying leading technical breakthroughs such as modular infrastructure, data lakes, configuration, chain abstraction, and interoperability.

Episode 1: The Need For Updated Data Infrastructure Ft Subsquid
Episode 2: RWAs & The Future Of Asset Tokenization Ft Plume & Polytrade
Episode 3: Driving Web3 Mainstream Adoption Ft Flow
Episode 4: The Modular Design Revolution Ft Celestia & Special Guest Andy
Episode 5: Why Data Providers Need New Web3 Data Models Ft Amberdata
Episode 6: AI & Chain Abstraction Ft NEAR
Episode 7: OEV Equality & Fair Value Distribution
Episode 8: SEDA & Partners Roundtable

To get involved and ensure you do not miss a single episode, follow each project on X and turn on the notifications.

X Links: SEDA | Subsquid | Flow | Plume | Celestia | Amberdata | Andy | Revelo | Polytrade

SEDA Mini-Series Partners | A Closer Look

Subsquid: The Web3 Data Lake
Episode #1

Subsquid is an emerging peer-to-peer network to batch query and aggregate terabytes of on-chain and off-chain data in a ridiculously efficient way. Powered by Duckdb and secured by Zkproofs, Subsquid is the new blockchain data and indexing standard. With an impressive 100+ networks supported, 50k+ indexers deployed, and over 40b data lake requests powering over 5k dApps.

Plume: Real World Assets For The Masses
Episode #2

Plume Network is the first modular RWA L2 built to bring any real-world asset on-chain. Plume offers an end-to-end compliance solution integrated on-chain alongside powerful automation tools, simplifying network integration for RWA protocols. Plume drives RWA Web3 onboarding for treasuries, art, green energy, and even whiskey, plus so much more powered by blockchain abstracting features such as blazing-fast TPS, instant settlement, and meager fees.

PolyTrade: Gateway to Real-World-Assets
Episode #2

Polytrade is a specialty marketplace representing a single access point to RWA tokenization, access, and liquidity. Launching on the Plume Network, Polytrade has recorded over 100 assets spanning 20 categories, from real estate to precious metals.

Flow: Driving Web3 Mainstream Adoption
Episode #3

Built for mainstream Web3 adoption, Flow is a leading permissionless layer one blockchain that empowers developers to create limitless Web3 apps. Flow showcases an impressive real-world partnership network, including the NBA, UFC, La Liga, Disney, and the NFL. Flow is all things mainstream and gaming, with over 400+ projects building for mainstream adoption on the Flow blockchain.

Celestia: The First Modular Blockchain Network
Episode #4

Celestia is a modular data availability network that securely scales with the number of users, making it easy for anyone to launch their blockchain. Featuring bespoke tech infrastructure such as data availability sampling in tandem with the best Ethereum roll-up frameworks, Celestia’s recent mainnet launch signifies a new era for rapid blockchain deployment powered by modularity.

Featuring: Leading Modular KOL Andy from The Rollup Company
Episode #4

Andy continues to lead the modular and roll-up tech space, trail-blazing conversations that bring light to the best-emerging companies such as Celestia. The Rollup Company specializes in digestible content surrounding roll-ups and modular design networks for aspiring DeFi researchers. The company is behind its rapidly expanding podcast hosted by Andy alongside leading projects in the modular space.

Amberdata: Your Lens Into The Entire Cryptoeconomy
Episode #5

Amberdata delivers comprehensive digital asset data and insights into blockchain networks, crypto markets, and decentralized finance, empowering financial institutions with critical data for research, trading, risk, analytics, reporting, and compliance. Amberdata services over 100 exchanges across over 12 blockchains as one of crypto’s leading data providers.

NEAR: The chain abstraction stack
Episode #7

NEAR empowers builders to build apps that scale across all blockchains powered by chain abstraction. Move beyond siloed, single-chain experiences and stop compromising your reach while getting the best of NEAR’s speed, low cost, and scalability.

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