February 2024 at SEDA | Audits, Validators and EthDenver

3 min readFeb 1, 2024

February is primed to be an explosive month. SEDA will begin taking all the necessary steps to ensure a successful mainnet launch later in Q1. Every day, the team is focusing on ensuring the most seamless launch for SEDA. With February focusing on core elements, including an audit for both the main-chain and token migration event, the first batch of validators connecting to SEDA to battletest the network, and a SEDA led event at EthDenver 2024.

Token Migration And Main-chain Audits With Technical Partners

Surrounding the mainnet launch, the SEDA community, holding FLX tokens, will have the opportunity to migrate their tokens from Flux-supporting networks to the SEDA Network. This marks a milestone achievement for the SEDA community, prepping the OG token holders to join SEDA in launching the foundation for data in web3. In order to ensure the highest level of security for holders, SEDA, alongside auditing and technical partners, will begin the audit process this month. SEDA will be releasing more specific information and tutorials close to the migration event for the community. Make sure to join the SEDA Discord for the latest information and connect with the team for any questions.

Validators To Begin Connecting To SEDA For Genesis Launch

Over the following two weeks, the first batch of validators will be announcing their involvement on the SEDA network as they begin validating transactions in preparation for the SEDA genesis event later in Q1. The SEDA Network is striving for industry leading levels of decentralization, aiming to launch with approximately 100 validators securing the main-chain before launching 1000s of light nodes across the Overlay Network. Toward the end of the month, the second and third batch of validators will join the SEDA network and begin validating transactions. Be sure to follow SEDA on X to catch the latest announcements regarding main-chain validators.

SEDA Prepped To Unveil More Network Partnerships

Keep your eyes on the SEDA social networks as partnership announcements are set to be ramped into overdrive. SEDA has continued to experience enthusiastic outreach from interested protocols, L1s & L2s and data providers who wish to join the network. To celebrate, there will be an eight episode podcast mini-series hosted by SEDA, featuring guests from network partners discussing all things SEDA within their relative fields. The community can tune-in to learn how SEDA will be the foundation of data for the biggest web3 trends including:

  • AI & LLMs
  • RWAs
  • Gaming & Fantasy Leagues
  • Chain Abstraction & Modularity
  • And So Much More

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EthDenver 2024 Featuring SEDA Co-hosted Mixer Events

Several members from the SEDA team will be flying over to Denver, Colorado to showcase SEDA to 1000s of blockchain enthusiasts, including PR & Media outlets. Additionally, SEDA, alongside POKTNetwork, will be co-hosting a LEGO mixer event with the biggest brains in blockchain infrastructure. Spaces have been filling up and are set to be fully booked, so if you are attending the event, make sure to sign up here!

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SEDA is a modular data layer that allows any blockchain to configure & interact with custom data feeds for price data, RPC data, or any available API endpoint.