April at SEDA: Token Upgrade and Genesis Event

3 min readApr 3, 2024

SEDA The Web3 Modular Data Layer Gears Up For The Genesis Event & Token Upgrade

April at SEDA marks the pivotal moment everyone has been waiting for. SEDA is in the last steps before the Genesis event after an incredibly successful first quarter, including solid community growth, traction, and multiple engineering milestones completed. Highlights of the first months of 2024 saw over 40 validators connect and battle-test SEDA, new documentation, successful code audits, and a rapid rise in community growth. April marks the token upgrade and genesis event at SEDA as the team prepares to release the official Audit report by Trail Of Bits alongside some UI/UX updates to the token upgrade interface.

SEDA The Modular Data Layer Prepares For Mainnet

The Official SEDA Audit By Trail Of Bits

The SEDA token and vesting contracts have been routinely battle-tested over the last month by industry benchmark auditing firm Trail of Bits. Trail of Bits represents the gold standard in auditing firms and has returned the report with zero critical, high, or medium issues. Only low and informational errors were detected, and the SEDA engineering team has completed the final amendments based on the results. This highlights the dedication of the SEDA engineering team to deliver the highest code quality ahead of mainnet. A full breakdown of the audit will be publicly released by SEDA this week.

UI/UX Updates on Token Migration

Parallel to the SEDA audit, the team has prepared the front-end user interface for a seamless and intuitive token upgrade experience. As the final steps before mainnet, the UI/UX will be finalized, allowing the team to record robust user tutorials for the community preparing to upgrade their FLX tokens to SEDA tokens. The UI/UX upgrade stands as the final touch alongside the recording of user tutorials leading into the SEDA team announcing a confirmed date this month for the upgrade.

The Genesis Block And Token Upgrade

Upon completing the Audit & UI/UX updates, the SEDA team will announce the official date for the community to begin upgrading tokens to the SEDA network. Celebrating the Genesis block event and token upgrade will be a series of community campaigns to win bonus SEDA tokens. For our OG community that has remained with the project during the upgrade, you will be gifted a Genesis NFT as a pre-mainnet member, with more details set to come over the next weeks. SEDA will release an official step-by-step tutorial guide alongside an official links list to keep the community safe during the upgrade.

Stay Connected And Stay Safe

Token upgrades can be a site for malicious actors to attempt to scam the community using phishing links, fake websites, and more. To ensure that you are interacting with the official SEDA websites, please reach out for support on the website. All SEDA links can be found below. Only interact with SEDA official announcements for the actual URL from the SEDA Protocol Official Twitter.

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